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Tubesca-Comabi is a manufacturer specialized in the production of height access solutions. The company offers a wide range of products, including step ladders, fixed and rolling scaffolding, ladders, material lifts, and platforms. The quality of its products has enabled Tubesca-Comabi to establish itself as a leader in the European market for height access, work and protection.

The company strives to constantly meet its customers’ expectations by offering innovative and superior quality products. Tubesca-Comabi is particularly proud of its range of step ladders, which meet the safety and functionality needs of the British market.

Who are our product intended for ? Our High performing products are widely available through our distributors and rental companies and fulfil the purpose for various industries such as Construction, Maintenance and Renovation, HVAC, Electrical and Decorators.  

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    This range of Excavation ladder is an extension ladder allowing on a construction site to reach a pit safely.
    – 3 extension range going from 1.0 meter to 4.75 meter with an adjustment for your worksite every 230mm.  
    – Swivel and non-slippery feet with a height adjustment mechanism to ensure a level platform and a straight ladder on any site.
    – Confort with wheels, 80mm non slippery steps, reinforced uprights and handrails.    


    The Platinium Range is recommended for highly intensive use.
    – The bone stile profile is commonly used as the most resistant for ladders compared to C profile, I profile or simply rectangular profile.
    – The articulation is made moulded Aluminium and offer on its own the resistance far above 150kg. This allows the user to work with no retaining straps if he wants.
    – The rubber wrapping Feet allows a proper ladder adherence on the floor and on construction site.

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    In our catalogue, you will find our Product categories helping reducing fall from height : This will include Working Platforms, Mobile access towers, stepladder and Podium Steps as well as ladders in Aluminium and Fiberglas.  

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    Tubesca-Comabi has 60 years of expertise in providing solutions for height access, work and protection. The company dedicates its human resources and industrial capabilities to serving its customers and creating innovative, quality products and services in France and internationally, in compliance with applicable standards and regulations.

    Tubesca-Comabi’s comprehensive range of products and services covers all height access, work and protection needs expressed by building and industrial professionals.

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    Tubesca-Comabi offers a wide range of products, including step ladders, fixed and rolling scaffolding, ladders, and platforms, available to distributors, renters, and users worldwide. Our products are recognized for their quality, safety, and reliability, and are designed to meet the needs of professionals in various sectors. We take pride in providing solutions tailored to each customer’s requirements, using our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction

    They trust us

    Painter and decorator

    Alexandre Tellier

    Painter and decorator

    The Tubesca-Comabi products are easy to assemble, store, and transport. We have everything at hand during assembly. We equip our facades with the fixed scaffold, which provides comfort and high safety for our teams.


    Thomas Lamy


    Using Tubesca-Comabi products daily without ever encountering any problems, I place particular trust in the quality and reliability of the products.


    Baptiste Hemery


    I like these products for their various dimensions, which allow good adaptability on construction sites in the city center


    Thibaut Venin


    I love the proposed solutions: both sturdy, reliable, simple, versatile, and quick to install, they allow us to work safely!

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