Neolium evo Trévoux

Scaffold tower: Neolium Evo

To be agile on your sites, even on your own!

The Neolium Evo is the must-have for fast solo work up to 6.20m. Its ingenious design makes for intuitive, safe assembly: Easy-Lock® stabilisers, suspension arms integrated into the floor and one-piece guardrails. At the end of the job, the Neolium Evo quickly transforms into a compact and practical mobile transport and storage trolley.

Neolium Evo 4.20m floor

Neolium Evo 2.20 m floor

Neolium Evo – Mobile trolley

Single-piece guardrail
Aluminium-wood flooring with inset toe boards
Assembly aid handles allowing hanging equipment
Adjustable breaking wheels Ø 125mm
on 18cm
  • Scaffolding standard EN 1004-1, Decree: 2004-924 and 5-year guarantee
  • Suitable for ultra-intensive use, on flat ground and for level adjustment
  • Maximum load 200 kg/m²; professional class
  • Stable and sturdy structure: Ø 50mm welded aluminium uprights and rungs
  • Small footprint: ideal for confined spaces
  • Easy to store and transport (designed to transform into a 138 x 78 x 175cm mobile trolley)
  • Safe, intuitive and easy assembly and disassembly by just 1 person
  • Single-piece guardrail with quick-fit and strong jaws
  • Wooden platform and aluminium toe boards
  • Ø 125mm wheels adjustable over 18cm
  • Floor (inside) 1.02 x 0.61m; Floor (outside) 1.20 x 0.61m; Hatchway 0.56 x 0.55m
  • Optional tool holder: 09074000

Discover the Neolium Evo in video 👇

Assembling the Neolium Evo scaffold tower