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Industrial maintenance work requires specific equipment, which can come in different forms depending on the tasks at hand: Indoors, outdoors, for access, working or circulating, for one-off or regular intervention, etc. We know how important the product range is, so discover our selection of products dedicated to industrial maintenance.

Made in France

Designed and manufactured in our 3 French production sites.

Quality standards

Our products meet the highest quality standards.

Custom project design office

Our design office is on-hand to help you with your custom projects.

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    Our selection of standard products

    • From 2 to 7 steps for working at heights of up to 3.64 m
    • Ultra-mobile with its retractable castors
    • Free clearance to the rear (WC, ducts, rails, etc.) (3- and 4-step models)
    • Compartmented tool holder
    • RAPTOR version without castors also available
    • From 3 to 10 steps for accessing heights of up to 3.82 m
    • 110 mm extra-wide steps
    • Uprights in epoxy paint
    • Ultra-resistant joints
    • Tool holder with integrated fastening
    • Non-slip high-security footpads with wear indicator
    • From 2 to 3 steps for accessing heights of up to 2.59 m
    • Lightweight and compact
    • Comfortable and large 200 mm non-slip steps
    • Ribbed non-slip footpads Delivered flat-packed in a cardboard box: Quick and easy to assemble
    • 10-, 13- and 15-rung models for accessing heights of up to 10.88 m
    • Electrical isolation of the upper section
    • Positioning castors
    • Perfect stability thanks to the stabilizers and footpads
    • Anti-UV caving rope. Highly resistant and comfortable to handle
    • 2 telescopic models for working at heights of up to 4.80 m
    • Safe assembly in less than 3 minutes by one person
    • Height can be adjusted along every 25 cm
    • Ultra-compact when folded, can fit in the back of a small van
    • Ø 150 mm adjustable wheels for level adjustment
    CROSS 180
    • 7 models for working at heights of up to 7.85 m
    • Improved working comfort thanks to the broadening of the ladders and platforms
    • Ergonomic hooks making it easier to install single-piece platforms
    • Ø 200 mm adjustable wheels
    • Compliant with the EN 1004-1 standard
    • Available in versions with 5 to 15 steps for working at heights of up to 5.26 m
    • The ideal solution for warehouses, shelving and pallet racking
    • 2 access ramps and stabilisers
    • 360° rigid guardrail
    • 600 x 480 mm wide platform
    • 100 mm extra-wide steps
    • Moving wheels

    Our custom solutions

    Our custom solutions

    • More than 80 modular configurations for stepladders, platforms and walkways for accessing or working at heights of up to 2.96 m
    • Ideal for narrow or cluttered spaces
    • Several platform length options 0.50 / 1.00 / 1.50 / 2.00 m
    We’ve got a whole new concept for you

    Given the diversity of industrial environments, maintenance work is extremely complex and exposes operators to a variety of risks. So, to overcome these challenges and meet the needs of maintenance professionals, we’ve developed the Meca Modul.

    Solutions that adapt to users
    and their environment

    At the meeting point between standard solutions and custom solutions, this concept’s modules are pre-designed whilst also adapting to various access, work and circulation scenarios in industrial environments. The modules are simple to assemble and, most importantly, extremely safe.

    Our 100% custom solution

    design office and dimension measurements

    Custom projects are solutions developed for our various clients. We work in line with the situations and challenges that they encounter, and we adapt solutions based on three key product categories:

    • Stairs
    • Walkways (fixed and mobile)
    • Platforms (fixed and mobile)

    The key points
    Subject to quoting, we take care of the assembly of the solution on your site, so we can guarantee that the structure is entirely safe.

    On-site assembly service
    A custom project is constituted by one or more platforms which adapt in response to structural and environmental constraints. The structure must meet the requirements of the EN ISO 14122 standard, only applicable in industrial environments.

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